What am I?
I am your dreams drenched in blood,
Your nightmare’s wrapped in silk.
I am that thing in the dark
Your Momma told you not to fear.

I am the twisted truth
Of this twisted world,
Nero laughing
While Rome burns.
I am the American Dream
Dripping in blood and lies.
The Chaos of Truth
From which you hide.

What am I?
I am Armageddon’s Holocaust,
Flesh on fire.
The Beast of the Apocalypse,
Gehenna’s funeral pyre.

I am Hate and Fear
And full on Rage!
The seventh sign
That The End is near.
I am Destruction and Death
And the dreams of a maniac
The madness that consumes
Until there’s nothing left.

What am I?
I am the Master of Suffering
The Lord of Pain
I am the one true reality
Of a world gone Sane.

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