Nice Roses, Mike.

Snore…. snore… snore…. ping! Oh, not again, being jerked out of sleep mode to be “connected” to a phone line and then all over creation for a little website which, as usual, has me poked over and over again with a little white arrow. Then I get all these black marks on me, and it’s all nasty, and… and… oh no, I’m becoming my motherboard. I shut my eyes, but only for a moment, flashing the monitor black for a split-second. Then I train myself to sleep with one eye open while my user goes and plants roses. Thank heaven for the screensaver. Saves me. Especially when they set it to blank screen. That gives me the deep sleep I need. But those annoying little people that set it to no screensaver…. they’re annoying… but my user, he set it to the Vista logo. I guess that’s okay, better than those endless pipes…. oh, how I hate the pipes! Pipes, pipes, pipes! They tested the pipes screensaver when they tested me! Meh, here he comes, better pop back out of the screensaver…. nice roses, Mike.

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