We all sink our ships too soon. I am shy I am quiet, I am artistic, I am inappropriate, I am loud, I am sensitive. You can tell me anything and I will believe. Let’s rewind a bit to last summer when everything was a mess…

Hello, my name is Jessica, call me Jess and I reside in southern California. I tend to ponder and wonder…a lot. My writing does not always make sense due to the fact that it comes out as I write. I write when I have something to write about and I write when I want. I enjoy writing on my own but there is much that I still have to learn about it. I appreciate constructive criticism, realistically we can all use some and it exists for a reason I believe; for the bettering of oneself.

I am double-minded; Gemini. I will mold to whatever the circumstance is without necessarily “conforming”. You get what you see from me and I do what I want. I like fresh faces and new people with new things to do. Welcome to my world, you are in it.

You just gave her the beginning of an end she was not looking for.

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