Well I’m 16, a Junior in High School. I’m a dancer, and I play trumpet in the Marching Band.I’m known for my smile and being fun to be around “Always spreading joy all over the place” so says my Best Friend “Like a fairy”. Once i start to smile there’s no stopping me. I was Introduced to Ficlets by my sister penguincaptian18. I am a new member so forgive me if you find any mistakes in my work.

It would be greatly appreciated if you drop me a comment with your oppinion and any pointers. My greatest weakness in writing is Spelling, please send me a note if you find any mispellings. I look foward to reading your Ficlets!!

And for those whohave asked me Yes PenguinCaptain18 is my sister. And my English techer is Ana Cristina- who has written over 700 ficlets-That I advise you to read because they are phenominal!

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