Hey whats goin on

my name is mecca and I just turned 16 !!! Currently I am a junior in highschool(YEA!!! one more year with my annoying pyschopatholigical parents!!) Anyway I attended dance school for about 10 and a half years then I switched to playing varsity b-ball this year. And I am having the time of my lyfe !!! Now throughout all my life I always had a special thing for writing. In about fourth grade I started to write in various notebooks, journals , diaries WHATEVER anything that I cud write on. During fourth grade I started writing poems for my school newsletter, then I continued writing just for fun. I realized as I got older, that writing can help you through a lot of your painful experiences. And as you look back on the things you have written you are able to see how far you have come in your life . There are many times when I felt like I should just give up and say Fuck it, my life is shitty anyway, ya kno ? DON’T do it, take it from me, work through your shitty life and I promise you , you’ll come out a stronger person. Well , to all my fellow writers.. Much Love to you guys. Finally I found a place where there are madd people just like me. Passionate writers. Stay up guys, we got talent , screw all them haters.

Your blessed, be you , stay true

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