Who Am I?: Just a girl in love with words. Reading them and writing them. I’m also in love with my computer, although I really hope my dad will get me a Mac laptop!!! GO MACS!!!!!! (Actually I hope I get this computer:
Hobbies: Writing, reading, drawing, sewing, embroider, and IMing people.I’m a vegetarian and part-time animals activist.

Favorite Genre:fantasy, comedy, Maybe romance, but that depends.

My Personality: I guess I’m nice, I’m mean to people that are mean to me, but I still believe in second chances. I’m a dreamer. I think of things in different ways than other people. I don’t like it when people lie to me or take advantage of me being vertically challenged.

Favorite Author on Ficlets: I have lots of favorite authors Ficlets, to name a few:

1.Laine P. Grey
5.THEE Tenor Sax
and other

Favorite Flower: Daisy or Rose (most likely daisy)

My Idol: I actually sort of think Gandhi was a troubled person in his youth, and Mother Teresa lived her entire life without feeling God even though she dedicated her life to him. So, I would have to say Abdul Kalam or that woman in Massachusetts who invented the chocolate chip cookie.

My Favorite Food: Samosa!!!! (Fried Indian food!! YAY!!!)

My Favorite Actress: Jennifer Garner or Aishwarya Rai

My Favorite Actor: Tobey Maguire or Shah Rukh Khan

Favorite Ficlet Series: The Chicken Queen of course!

Favorite Director:Deepa Mehta

Favorite Movie: Water

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