A writer and computer technician living in BC. I’ve written some published stories and poems, though not “paying” published.

Geek. Dad.

My Rating System:
1 Star = Hideous. Should not have been written.
2 Stars = Poorly written or conceived. Something I don’t think would ever earn over a 3 star rating with my system.
3 Stars = Bad grammar, poor layout or under realized story. With re-writes could achieve up to a 5 star rating.
4 Stars = These are the “good” stories. About the highest I generally rate, unless something blows me away. Might not be perfect but has a good mix of well realized story elements including dialogue, and good layout and grammar, even if not perfect.
5 Stars = Blew my mind. Usually requires an almost perfectly realized story, plus the grammar and layout requirements of 4 Stars.

Now you know how I rate and review. If you didn’t get an awesome rating from me, understand that I didn’t think your story was bad, it just didn’t make it to the next level, and it probably would if you cared to revise it (which you probably shouldn’t as my opinion doesn’t really mean anything anyway).

I also won’t rate a story without posting a comment – I’m not a fan of anonymous ratings – but I don’t mind them on my stories. Of course, I do prefer feedback…

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