The Ghost in the Machine

FEATURED FICLET!! story #30947
white sox n Bears all the way
cuck the fubs
acting hangin out w/ friends and reading prtty much my life
Rise Against, Senses Fail, Motion City Soundtrack, Goo Goo Dolls great bands&music
My Favorite Lyrics At The Moment:
Suffering from something
We’re not sure of
In a world
There is no cure for these lives we live
Test negative for happiness
Flat line,no pulse, but eyes wide open
I dont ask for much
Truth be told ID settle for
A life less frightening
Life less frightening,Rise Against

The Most High Awesome Viceroy
pat for short lol

I’ll take my time
To slowly plot your end
But now I will spit bullets with my pen
I’ll take you to the top
Of this building and just push you off
Run down the stairs so I can see
Your face as you hit the street

We live life on the edge like theres no tomorrow
They grind hard like theres no today
They do the same shit like its yesterday
The game never stop so whos next to play?

Reading is a trapdoor that lets us escape life’s prison.Writing is leaving the trapdoor open behind you.

Iloveyou is 8 letters long.
So is bullshit

Lifes one bitch of a roller coaster, one hill to the next, round and round, but the thrills there to enjoy.Sit back, enjoy the ride, roll with the punches and hit back when you get the chance

The pawns will fade away
The kings at his checkmate
I sit here with a sick grin
Chocking as I laugh until I die

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