Vanity is my Name

These things are used so you can tell the public about youself, no? But i have learned that nobody really cares what you hafta say unless its something they have discovered for themselves. Which is perhaps the most important thing…After all is it not incredable important to discover things for yourself when the words of others may be misleading?

However, if you do care about what i have to say, i swear to the gods (or god, if thats what you believe) that i am not usually this serious. Just an odd mood ive been in…I am usually a happy, smiley, and laughing person. I prefer to be optimistic and find then better sides of things rather than be all doom and gloom. But im not like disgustingly happy. I am human after all. I hate mornings, cant stand traffic, and have my bad days just like everybody else. I try to be very friendly and i absolutely love making new friends.

I work at The Great Escape in Queensbury, New York which is, to be 100% honest, the nasty shat of Six Flags. Like, seriously, if a real theme park were to take a crap, this would be it. I do, however, love my job. I am a costume character. I play 13 different characters and I also host the Get Ready To Wiggle show, and the Looney Tunes Talent Show. Also, with Fright Fest and all, I am the Stunt Actor who performs the Hanging illusion 3 times daily. So yeah…I am just a tad busy. lol

I dont have many hobbies anymore. Believe me. I used to have a life, but my job ate it. When i do have free time, i use it to talk to my boyfriend (hes in the marines so that time is very precious), or hang out with my friends, or read, and write (of course). I paint, and sing, and meditate…and that just about covers it i think…

Oh and besides writing… MUSIC = LIFE!!!!!!!!!

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