The Social Studies Fuhrer

“And can any of you ingrates possibly tell me the capital of Turkey, of Old Earth?” she said, thwipping her thin rod against the map, steel heels clicking.

“The capital of Turkey was Ankara, Fuhrer Einkorn,” intoned the students, glazed stares penetrating the palpable, almost milky air of the classroom.

“Correct, you filthy mongrels,” Einkorn snarled. “Now, beep to Overview 19 in your holotexts.”

Small glimmers of light erupted around the class, flickering into life at each desk.

“Now, if we look here,” she snarled, whirling her rod, “we will find that the only country to have remained from Old Earth is…?”

“Djibouti, Fuhrer.”

“Capital of Djibouti?”

“Djibouti, Fuhrer.”

“Correct. Scant rainfall made it so Djibouti could only support fruits and vegetables…”

“Fuhrer, may I have gum?” The unthinkable.

She howled. “Gum is a vile substance of Old Earth, not to be tolerated in our society! If you ever…”

The rest of her crazed rantings filled the School for the next hour.

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