Drifting Melodies

The first time she had heard the song, she thought someone had turned the radio too loud. She had been on a bus, and bus driver must’ve decided to turn up the volume.

She got home, and found her house completely disheveled, clothes strewn everywhere. All manner of items lay like ragdolls, staring blankly and declaring their lifelessness.

The second time she heard the song, she was confused. To hear such an unusual song (if it could even be called that) more than once was odd. She was packed in with a mass of people on her street, and found it incredible that some radio reached that far.

The third time she heard the sound, her mind went into a sort of fog, lilting in and out of conciousness. She was alone in her bedroom. The song’s eerie melody drifted around her head, caressing her brain.

Finally, the song changed. Just barely, she heard a microscopic change in its composition. A voice.

Coming in behind you,
Watching from afar.
Coming in for you,
We are what you are.

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