The Awards Are In! (Stovohobo Challenge)

Well, the third
(Is it third?)
Challenge is done,
Hope you had much fun.
So now I am typing
You’re heaving, you’re hyping
To see who got place number one.

The Awards have just come in,
So break out the champagne and gin!
(Not really, cuz trouble-y
Would come with the bubbly)
Anyway, let’s see who will win!

Brebelles gets the Strawberry Award for reinventing the random. She made a string of seemingly unconnected events into one still unconnected report, and yet made us laugh the whole way.

Someone resisting the urge to party Like a rockstar gets the Pagan Award (somehow, that doesn’t sound appealing) for allowing us a glimpse into the black world of the summoner.

Llamasluvmenotu gets the Gasp! Award for giving us the unexpected we have somehow come to expect from her (if you expect the unexpected, doesn’t that make the unexpected the expected?)

Mask by the Moon gets the Killer Instinct Award, for willingly tackling what I assume is his/her (darn gender anonymity!) first ficlet.

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