Something In The Way

“That doesn’t make sense,” Simon screamed. “They’re the Four Frakkin Horsemen! How could they not take down a Gorram God?”

Blake pushed Simon against the wall. “I like you, kid,” Blake said, “but—for me—use your indoor voice even though we’re outdoors. Okay?”

“Okay,” Simon replied in a hushed tone, still shocked by being shoved.

“Now,” Blake continued, “we’re way past my paygrade here, but here’s my understanding: the Four Horsemen aren’t the creations of some God or some Force, but rather aspects of Nature woven into the fabric of reality.”

“Sounds good,” said Simon. “That makes them sound way more powerful than a God.”

“No,” Blake shook his head. “Gods warp the fabric of reality. They both have their rules and restrictions, but that’s a fairly decisive line between the two.”

Frak,” Simon spewed forth.

“Exactly, kid. Now…” Blake was interruped by a loud crack, followed by another. Slightly muted but still echoing through the air. Blake stopped, put his hand up to hush Simon. He knew this sound.

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