So You Want to Be a God?

They would be coming for her soon.

The boy wizard and his ally, the mercenary. The conniving hemophage. The renegades, destined to end this world.

She just didn’t care. She had much larger concerns now.

Faced with the ability to do anything, Simone was incapable of deciding what to do first.

Would she return to Hell? Not as a slave, but as a conqueror. She’d make that hermaphroditic freak Belphegor her whore this time around, and keep Lucifer as a pet. Maybe she would do what no other had done, and smash Heaven into rubble. Perhaps she would claim Earth for herself, and burn it out of spite.


And what about worshipers? Simone was a god now; didn’t she need worshipers? First she would need a religion, and prophets. How do you find a prophet? She wished that Zeus had left a handbook to explain what she should do next.

Simone finally made a decision. The four renegades and that obnoxious vampire were still outside planning something.

She decided to go downstairs and introduce herself.

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