The Journey Before The Longer Journey

“Calm down. Everything’s fine now.”

I was ready to scream and yell some more, until I realized that it was doing nothing – not helping my throat, not making him apologize, nothing.

I plopped back down in my chair, defeated. If anything, I still wanted to throw my coffee on him. I looked down into the rust brown swirls of energy in my steaming cup, and sighedw. I didn’t want to waste it.

An awkward silence fell between us – there was nothing to say. Eventually, the silence was broken by him though.

“I’m done my coffee, and I have to go – when are you and Shade leaving for the airport?”

Oh snap.

I jumped up, and raced for the clock – 9:27AM. Our flight left at 9:45!

Sprinting into Shade’s room, and with no other option, I jumped onto the bed and land directly on my target – Shade. Immedeatly, he’s wide awake, stammering, “What?”

“We have to go if you want to see Rachel.”

He bounds out of bed, gets dressed, and within minutes we’re heading for the airport.

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