Now I Know

They were right outside the windows of our car and closing in quickly. I should’ve been terrified but all I could think about was what Anna had just said to me.
James. I love you. With all my heart.
All this time I wondered, all this time I waited…
The windows of the car were begining to crack under Their weight. Anna was screaming now as the car began to crumple.
I had been waiting to see what she felt for me.
“James!” she shouted, over the sound of twisting metal. I looked over at her and saw her hand on the door release. I nodded. She threw the car door open with more strength than I would’ve given her credit for, if I hadn’t seen it myself.
They scattered, stunned by the sudden change. We took advantage of that moment and fled the car.
She loved me. Now I know. The only question left is, do I love her?

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