Guarding the Coast

It wasn’t until several dives later that Greg surfaced and finally saw the Coast Guard helicopters circling Lady Liberty. As they settled on the bay, the blades’ motion sent waves humming through the water. Greg waved his arms and divers came to pull him out and complete the task he had started.

Greg came over to a worried Vicky, emergency blanket wrapped around his shoulders. They both gazed out soundlessly at the water, worry distorting their features.

A Coast Guard officer jumped out of the helicopter and walked out to Greg. “Any idea where he is?”

Greg shook his head, teeth involuntarily chattering.

“That was a brave thing you did,” the Guard said. “Brave, but stupid. It’s December.”

Greg almost smiled, knowing how little this man knew about all the brave but mostly stupid things he had done in his life. He was cut short as the surface of the water broke. The divers broke through with a limp, pale form in their arms.

Greg and Vicky rushed for the shore as Adrien’s body emerged.

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