Fanged Threat

Angela tasted something bitter in her mouth; the flavor of pure adrenaline, overflowing from her body. My kind of game, she thought.

She pushed past the boys, silently summoning a stake into her hand. The vamp was awe-struck by this sudden action, her brazen display. This is what she always relied on.

Angela’s bull rush ended with her forcing the stake deep into the vamp’s chest; the tiny pop of trapped air being released being music to her ears. Bones cracked and shattered under the deliberate strike she delivered: a stake into the vampire’s heart.

Alec tilted his head and smiled, removed the intruding piece of wood. “Mother’s made me whole,” he said, backhanding Angela with a vicious blow.

Simon, without hesitation, summoned a column of fire around the vampire — containing it — while he rushed to the side of his love.

Alec pushed one hand thru the flame, a pungent scent filling the air. The skin on his hand regrew after passing the fire.

“Baron,” Blake grunted, “surgical strike on my location… now.”

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