Child of the Terror

“I’ve contained worse than you,” Agent Winters spat, her life essence escaping with her words.

“No, woman,” The Baron replied, “you haven’t.”

The Baron’s grip tightened around Winters’ throat, her feeble kicks and spasms of no consequence to him. Her life was rich, much more so than any normal human, a taste The Baron savored.

Baron, a voice wafted thru the ether, surgical strike on my location… now.

The Baron groaned, releasing Winters; a bird of prey forced to abandon his morsel of choice.

“Be back for what’s mine, woman,” he said, sidestepping thru space to Blake’s location. Surveying the scene, The Baron extinguished the column of fire with a mere breath. “Little fanged man tastes like all the blood on his hands,” he said, anticipation in his voice.

Then he noticed it, in side-real space: this was no mere vampire. “Child of the Black Goat of the Woods?” The Baron asked, now hesitant.

Alec’s side-real form opened all three of it’s maws and chittered in eagerness for it’s next meal.

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