Good Night?

“Hi Mom, hi Dad.” Chelsea called out when she walked in the door.

“Hi sweetie, how was Lindsay’s house?” asked her mom.

“Oh it was fun, but I’m umm, tired, so good night.” replied Chelsea

“Ok good night.” said Chelsea’s mom

As soon as the door closed behind Chelsea, she burst out in tears. She thought to herself he’s not worth it, everything will be fine, just don’t cry. Chelsea wasn’t one to cry. She never cried and she wasn’t planning on starting now. Unfortunatly, it was a little to late to do anything now. She turned up her music, blasting Chiodoes trying to forget the night.

“GOOD NIGHT !” yelled Lindsay down the stairs. After her parents answered her, Lindsay also went right to bed. She didn’t bother trying to stop crying. Just let the tears come. She was much more optomistic than Chels. She NEW everything would work out. All she could do was wait for tomorrow. She fell asleep listening to Big Girls Don’t Cry, by Fergie, trying to convince herself that she’s a big girl too.

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