Recap (Part II)

“I’m a damned Woman in Black,” Winters said. “Why haven’t I heard about this stuff?”

“Dark, buried secrets lost in countless obscure tomes of magic that most ignore,” Blake replied.

“So how do these kids know this stuff?” Winters asked, pointing at Simon and Angela.

“Hey,” Angela said, insulted.

”’Cause they’re into reading obscure tomes of magic,” Blake suggested.

“They dabble,” Winters replied.

“I don’t dabble,” Simon corrected.

“I kinda dabble,” Angela relented. “But, I dabble with style.”

“Nevermind,” Winters said. “The infected?”

“Shub-Niggurath,” Blake began, “has one thousand monstrous children…”

“And she’s infusing them into people to give them life again?” Angela half-finished, half-asked. Simon nodded, glad that they had finally been able to clear this up.

“So what’s the plan?” Winters asked.

“Find a specialist,” said Blake.

“Like…?” Winters interjected.

“The lich,” Blake said.

“Who?” Winters asked, getting tired of putting forth mere questions.

“Dr. Stephanie Gage,” Simon replied.

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