Lilith's Delay

“So, as you can see,” Lilith said to Metatron, pointing at the PowerPointâ„¢ presentation projected on the screen behind her, “you haven’t got a chance against Cthulhu. He’ll lay waste to this world that your Boss is so fond of, and only I can put him back in his cage.”

Lilith found conversing with Metatron, in the form of a flaming shrub, very tedious. So they carried their deliberations to the Astral Plane, where they could take any form they wished. It was Metatron who decided on the setting of a boardroom and the forms of corporate businessman and woman.

He always was a boring jackass.

“I don’t know,” Metatron said, rubbing his chin pensively. “I’ll have to take this in front of the commitee. Michael won’t like it.”

“You’re the Voice of God.”

“I’m His secretary, basically. I deliver messages and answer phones. I don’t get to make these kinds of decisions.”

“Fine. But Cthulhu has already made landfall. The whole Earth will be in flames soon. Don’t keep me waiting.” And with that, Lilith vanished.

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