Instant Love Affair: Just Add Water [Part 2]

For Winters, only two things mattered: her work with the Bureau, and her devotion to Blake.

She and Blake continued their explorations into the mysteries of the Hidden World; each climax that they shared bringing them more power. Afterward, during the times of her cycle, they drank the Elixir Rubeus, the fruit of their coupling.

Through ritual and with his love, Blake poured more and more power into Winters. She became the living embodiment of his magic. She was his Scarlet Woman, his living incarnation of the Goddess.

Like all love affairs, theirs began to wane. Winters took up more responsibility at work, eventually heading a DHS task force. Feeling ignored, Blake took the same path that Crowley took before him, and broke-up with his Scarlet Woman, citing her “failures”.

Devastated, Winters became bitter and threw herself into her work, locking away the memories of the time she spent with Blake. But deep within her lived the seed of power that he planted.

Even now, that power grows, and seeks releaseā€¦

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