I almost melted in his arms, despite the temperature.

“Yeah, I guess it’s not the smartest idea to wear white when there’s snow.”

I wish we could’ve stayed there forever. But after a while of talking about random stuff, he let go. I was utterly disappointed.

I turned around as to finally see his face-

and his really hott outfit!!

He was wearing snow pants with diagonal black and white stripes, a black, slim fitting jacket that’s frayed at the seams, with a red Burton snowboards logo in the back, a Black hat with an Element logo, ski goggles with an orange glass plate resting on the bill of his hat, and Black DC snowboard boots.

There’s not a hotter outfit in the world.

I tried memerizing everything so I could picture him later, but I didn’t have enough time.

“Well, I’m gonna snowboard down to the school. I’d invite you to come, but you wouldn’t be able to keep up!”

“That sounds like a challenge!” I shot right back. “Are you ready to get burned in 10 degree weather?”

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