The Stovohobo Inspirer

Not necessarily under the “challenge” heading, because I feel like there are too many of those right now. However, I really want to see what you guys here at ficlets will do with these… It’s a list of storystarters (or enders) taken from either my mind or other books. Your job is to use these and make a ficlet out of ‘em!

1. James’s large frightened eyes traveled slowly around the room. The creatures, some sitting on chairs, others reclining on a sofa, were all watching him intently.

2. This, of course, was right before the engines failed, smoke started pouring out of the cabin, and the fabric of the balloon made a horrendous ripping sound.

3. I woke up in a rowboat with a makeshift sail stitched of gray uniform fabric.

4. The morning of the race was hot and humid.

5. The missiles had been activated.

6. The Count gave an evil grin and, clearing his throat in an ostentatious fashion, thrust the lever forward.

7. “E gads!” the professor cried, running his eyes all over the hulking construction.

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