And the winners is... (Ficlet Quadrathilon)

I know I’m a whole week late, but there were reasons for my lateness.

Mostly, it was because I didn’t get quite as much of a turn out as I’d hoped. There were a lot of entries for the Worst/Best Ficlet challenge, but some of them even went unfinished. However, since I know all of you still want awards, I will oblige you.

First, the awards for the Worst/Best Ficlet challenge:

The Maturity Award, for being absolutely horrible in a way I had never considered, and at the same time hilarious, this award goes to Howie Amourscow & CMTKOM and ScapeGoat/No One Ever Feels Sorry For Me. (16040 &16058)

The Unfinished Award, for a ficlet that was horrible like I wanted, but never received a “Better Half,” this award goes to Dreamer’s Invincible. (16060)

The Real Worst/Best Combo, First Place Award, for being exactly as I expected in the first part, and having a second part that would’ve been great alone, is Uselessness & OTOC ’s WENDYS BACONATER /Defensive Acting. (16053 & 16330)

More awards to come!

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