Looking For A Snack...Yeah Right

I thought about what Anna said before she had shut me out.
“I just love being respected finally.”
Does she think I don’t respect her? What does she mean? I’ve been with her since the very beginning of this whole Them fiasco!
I sat up in bed, suddenly not tired anymore. I’ll show her I respect her! I thought vehemently.
I climbed out of bed and headed down the hallway. I was just about to turn down the corridor where I thought Anna was staying when I heared footsteps behind me.
“James? What are you doing?”
I whirled around and caught sight of Angela. She looked amazing in the moonlight coming through the window, hair trailing down her shoulders.
“Umm…” I realized then how ridiculous I must look to her. I was walking barefoot and in my pajamas down a cold stone corridor. I could feel my face burning and all thoughts of Anna fled my brain.
Angela stared at me expectently. “You’re what?”
“I’m a looking for a snack.” I finished lamely.

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