Under the Elm(1){LoA Challenge}

O, by the way, the names Patrick. Pat to my friends. Ben slides up to me, finishing with the last chords of the Imperial Death March. Once again, he holds a glass jar with two caterpillars trapped in mortal combat.

“So Ben, studyin for Biology again,huh?”I venture.
“Yup.” comes the curt reply,Ben’s face focused intenly. Inwardly I laugh, not wanting to spoil Ben’s much needed study time.

I look around the block as Melinda disappears around the corner. At the other end of the block, Lisa and Kim come cruising around the corner on new bikes, going away presents from the folks. Shanes going to be late as usual, and we always have to pick up Carl and Jim otherwise their mom won’t let them out.

Lisa and Kim come cruising up at about the time that one of Ben’s study subjects overpowers the other. Kim jumps off her bike, closley followed by Lisa.
“Allright,Pat, whats this urgent call about?”Lisa asks as she plops down next to Ben.

I look around at our little band of dreamers under the elm and smile.

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