Ways to get kicked out of Wallmart

1. Grab a speaker phone and stand on the check out station and scream: “LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER !” Then start singing the Barney song. When the staff asks you to come down, shriek (in a british accent): “BLOODY MURDER !” and jump down. Then start running around the store tearing things off the shelves.

2. Walk into wallmart with a sign that says Down With Walls and scream “WALLS ARE PATHETIC ! BOO! K’S ARE BETTER !”

3. Walk into wallmart dressed as a starwars character that isnt your gender, and start acting out parts of it. Then, ask employees to do awkward tasks as part of the plot. “For the sake of theatre.” (Why am I thinking of Star Wars Today? 0.o)

4. Crawl around the store. Slowly.

5. Start doing ancient australian war dances. That’ll scare ‘em.

Sequel and write your own!

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