Walmart Intrigue (Cat's Challenge)

1. Enter wearing tights and an old British cloak and start reenacting scenes from Monty Python’s Holy Grail (esp. the “oppression of the masses” scene).

2. Put on big crazy hats and boa scarves from accessories and grab really tiny kids bikes from toys with the little squeaking horn and ride around the store singing songs from High School Musical (don’t lie… we all know you’ve secretly seen it).

3. Grab bright red lipstick from cosmetics and smudge it all over your face and start dancing around singing old show tunes from like “Throughly Modern Millie”.

4. Walk in dressed like Paris Hilton carrying your dog in a large purse and start ordering the employees to do awkward duties for you.

5. Grab 100 different items and proceed to check out… then attempt to pay for the entire purchase using only coins… counting out each one… after you realize you are just a couple dollars shorts ask the cashier to void all of the items except for one in the middle… and purchase that one.

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