Over the Edge (Melia's Scary Challenge)

Water. All she could see below her was water.

Small bits of glass from the windshield chittered out, falling towards the river. She never saw them hit, for her mind was seized with fear and the ugly beginnings of panic.

Her car was perched on the edge of the old bridge, the crumpled front end dangling over the raging water below. She knew that if attempted to move forward in the slightest, it was over.

Her heart beat insistently inside her chest as a thin trickle of blood ran down her cheek. She had to think.

A creak, a groan and the car shifted slightly forward yet again. The smell of gasoline grew stronger and she knew her options were limited and time was short.

“When is somebody coming,” she wondered frantically, “Don’t they know??

Then she felt it coming, deep in her nose. The tickle, the tingling that signalled—

“Dear God, no…” she pleaded, but she knew it was useless. She glanced around with terror at the unconscious form of her infant daughter, sneezed mightily, and they were gone.

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