Stump the Stovo! Answers #3

1.Why can’t us women put on masscara with our mouth closed?

2. What is the orgin of a waffle?
1.Oh – women can close their mouths?

2.Waffles don’t have organs. We eat them so we can fill our organs.

Bartimaeus: So, if a tree falls and there’s no1 around to hear it, does it make a sound? Explain your answer.
Now, I present this as a theory, because if I say just yes or no you’re going to ask why, and I can’t stand any more of your useless babbling. The persons, who may or may not be No-One, as Odysseus put it in The Odyssey, may or may not be able to hear it anyway – for, in the same story, Odysseus did clog his ears with wax. If he approached this tree as No-One, however, without wax in his ears, I assume he would be able to hear it; but as I wouldn’t be there, I wouldn’t know. I could only hope some insane Greek figure would notate it down for us on whether he did or not.

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