From 18 to 1

I can’t begin to tell you the anguish you’ve caused me, the nights I’ve spent obsessing over you.

When I saw you eating in that restaurant across town, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

But there you were, breathing and conversing, chowing down on a burger and sipping a Budweiser.

I don’t know if this is providence or something slightly darker, but here you are.

My basement is nothing extraordinary, but it’s going to become extremely special to you.

It must seem an odd reversal of fortune, you shackled in my basement.

But then, fate is unpredictable, rivaled only by the mysteries of love.

After you killed my daughter, I thought you had vanished completely.

Imagine my surprise, finding you here in my own backyard.

And now, there’s the matter of what happens next.

By now you’ve probably guessed I want revenge.

I know you don’t believe in God.

I’m not sending you to heaven.

Here’s what’s going to happen.

I’ll stab you here.

Then you’ll die.

And then?


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