We are Animals

I let loose a howl of pain as the dart seemed to burn into my flesh.
They didn’t even know we were coming. They got lucky.
I took one look at the large dart sticking out of my arm. I saw the red stripes.
Tranquilizer!! I have to get this out.
I grabbed the dart, and yanked it out of my arm. The dart was secured to my skin, so I ended up tearing some skin off of my arm.
Now, with blood running fast down my arm, I looked over at Tyler. His dart wasn’t a tranquilizer, but the CPFs were coming down on him. Hard.
I clenched my teeth and ignored the pain. I slowed down time, and beamed the dart at the largest of the CPFs.
I let time go as normal. The dart picked up speed in a split second, and went completely into the CPF .
He let out a terrible roar of pain. Thus, the attention was directed to me, saving Tyler. I was already feeling faint, but i could handle them.
It’s time for some fun.

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