Our Acceptance Speech

Because ficlets is all about storytelling, I let the community come up with the bulk of this little acceptance speech, but before that, there are some people I have to thank, because without them, there would be no ficlets to write.

First, Kerry Parkins and Bert Arians for letting us do the experiment that became ficlets. Then, the awesome team that actually built the thing: Jason Garber, Ari Kushimoto, Cindy Li and Jenna Marino, Dan Bradley for being our awesome operations guy, John Scalzi for giving the site a voice and writing the ficlets blog. And lastly, my wife for putting up with me and being my greatest inspiration.

But my biggest thanks has to go to the thousands of writers who make ficlets what it is. Here’s what they have to tell you…

(this is where you’d write a sequel with the message you want me to read to the world about ficlets and the community)

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