Stump the Stovo! Answers #4

‘crayola inquires: If a train leaves Philadelphia at 2:00pm going 69 miles per hour and a train leaves Charleston at 1:30pm going 53 miles per hour what is the probability that both train conductors will have blue eyes?

If a girl asks an annoying question with no coherent answer and revels in the thought that she has beaten the challenger, what is the probability that she herself is annoying?

….What, illegal to answer a question with a question? Fine. Well, we all know that Philadelphia lies in a part of Connecticut – you only thought it was Pennsylvania! – and that exactly one out of every eighteen people have blue eyes in Connecticut. 2:00 pm, being, of course, the time when all persons’ eyes flicker to a deep shade of beige, this is rendered impossible in that time frame. However, you have also given me Charleston to work with, a city in which every inhabitant is blue-eyed. When the two come together, of course, after 2:00, you come up eventually with 43. Not a probability? So you think…

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