I will take over the world, I will take over the world...

“See that cell over there?” Phil asked.

Carl shrugged. “So?”

“That, my friend, is the infamous Sally Rechsteiner. A.K.A. ‘Lady Firebrand’.”

“The supervillain? The one that took out KillSwitch and The Low-Carb Kid?” Carl asked, pushing closer to the cell window. “What’s she doing here?”

“Just before KillSwitch bought it, he gave ol’ Sally there a laser-bolt lobotomy,” Phil said. “Scrambled her eggs, if you get my meaning. She went from being a world-class super-chick with an Omega-level intelligence, to being just another nut in the nuthouse.”

“Hard to believe she nearly took over the world. Is she talking to herself in there?” Carl asked.

Phil chuckled. “She’s just laying out her plans for world domination to her invisible friends. She’ll go for hours. She’s got imaginary charts, a hallucinatory PowerPoint presentation, the works.” Phil slid open the food slot to Sally’s cell. “Wanna’ see something really funny?” he asked, producing a penny from his pocket. “Watch what happens when I give her this.”

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