The realist's guide to surviving a zombie attack

You are walking down the road in the city, minding your own business, and suddenly everything goes to hell. Balls of fire, car crashes, sirens blaring in the distance and then fading out.

And a tide of zombies scrambling around looking for fresh brains.

Initially you will be jumping over trashcans, running down alleys, climbing fire escapes (luckily zombies have trouble with ladders!) and running past the occasional confused politician with nothing to offer the zombie horde.

Your plan:

1 – Get out of the city!
Find an isolated place where the zombies cannot reach you. On top of a mountain, on an island, you get the idea

2 – Arm yourself
Eventually those zombies will get close while you are out getting more material. Break into a military base and get as many guns and ammo as you can. Keep it simple please, that means no rocket launchers.

3 – Start a commune
You are humanity’s last hope of species perpetuation. Find yourself a few healthy hippie or mormon females of breeding age and get to it

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