Hurrid Departure

I lean up against my locker talking to Leo, the boy from this morning. I laugh at something he says.

“What’s so funny?” I hear Bernard ask from behind me.
“Just something Leo said.” I say as I turn towards Bernard.

“Ready?” He asks shortly, he give me a once over and sees that I haven’t done anything yet. I hurridly open my locker and grab my coat, shoving the two books I got in and slam the door.

Bernard puts a hand around my waist and starts moving me towards the door. “Bye Leo. See ya tomorrow!” I call just as Bernard pushes me out the door. “You okay?” I ask, seeing the sullen look on his face.

Bernard looks at me. “Nothing. Just.. a hecktic first day is all.”

I don’t believe him but I know better then to push farther. I get in the truck and we take off. There is an awkward silence between us that neither of us knew how to brake.

He pulls up to my driveway and unlocks the doors. I know he’s not getting out. I lean over and kiss his cheek. “Thanks for taking me.” I say and get out.

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