A Good One

I smile. Finally.

“Are you telling me all I had to do to get you to kiss me is beat some punk up?” I say with a bit of a laugh.

She smiles. I reach up and put my hand and the back of her head and pull her in for another kiss. She giggles and lays back down against my chest. We watch the stars.

“He was a whimp anyway,” I say after a bit.

She laughs a little at this and asks, “What was that you whispered to him?”

This took me by supprise, so I shifted a little. Should I tell her? It can wait right? It won’t harm anyone…

“Um. You know, just not to bother you anymore.” I say.

She hugs me and says, “Sorry about the crying thing…he just kind took me by supprise, you know?”

I smile and look down at her, “Sure, just please pick your boys more carfully next time, okay? I don’t really want beating people up to turn into a weekly thing.”

We both laugh. She says, ” I think I’ve a good one right here.”

Good thing it was friday, becuase we fell asleep in that spot that night.

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