A Brief Bout of Multiple Personality Disorder Forces Stovohobo Into Writing This Rather Boring and Drab Ficlet for an Exceedingly More Creative Challenge

Your life sucks.

Um…excuse me?

Well, fine… our life sucks.

And, uh, why would you say that?

Oh, c’mon. You stare at a computer screen half of your day and do nothing but ficlet. Ficletsficletsficlets.

Not true. Half my day is spent at school. Now that would be the sucky part.

Well, fine. I agree with you there.

Besides, I do other things than just ficlet.




Rea – yes, really. Like…uh…there’s -

Face it. You don’t have a life.

Yes! There’s…well, iMovie, I guess, making movies…


Oh, and YouTube. And Wikipedia -

Only to do research for your ficlets.

Well, you got me there. But still. There’s also, I guess, and -

Oh, just face it. Notice a trend? It’s all computer!

No, no, there’s piano too, and actually making the movies that go on iMovie, and then there’s rec sports -

Rec. Riighht.

Oh, now you’re just sounding like the travel kids. Since when are you part of me anyway?

Exactly. So whaddaya think of that?

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