Ha, Ha, Colleen gets good clothes.

His face immediately lit up. I’d forgotten we hadn’t stopped to eat… I just didn’t get hungry anymore. I had probably changed quite a bit to Josh, having dropped everything cute about me. I watched him stumble out of the bed and onto the floor… where he immediately collapsed.

“Sore legs?” I asked. He looked up at me like I was stupid. I glared at him to make sure he didn’t say anything smart. He nodded and clambered to his feet, hair wild. I chuckled and looked down at the plain pants and fancy shirt I was wearing… the only thing in the place that wasn’t torn up. I had stopped limping, the wound wasn’t that big of a deal now. Josh seemed to pick up on the clothes.

“Hey, how did you—”

“There are advantages to being a leader,” I replied. “Now speed it up, you’re gonna make me miss it, too.” I spun and walked out, headed for the first food I’d had in a week.

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