Serene music played in Dante’s head, blurring the rest of his senses little by little.

He felt Eve’s warm hand of the side of his neck, tracing a line from his neck to his chest, to his stomach, back up to his ribs, then resting on his heart.

The music in Dante’s head seemed to pick up speed a little.

He felt Eve’s warm lips brush against his.

The music sped up and got louder.

Eve’s lips pressed against his gently, but feelingly.

The music started to match to insanely fast beating of his heart.

Dante felt Eve’s other hand on his side.

The music was so loud it was bone-jarring.

Dante couldn’t take it any more, he rolled over on top of Eve and kissed her long and passionately. Dante pulled Eve up close enough so he could feel her heart beating just as fast against his.

“I love you.” Eve said breathlessly.

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