Child's Play

“All right, Mr. Worth, we’re going to outline this to make it as simple as possible for you.”

We’re? Worth thought for a second. He cursed vividly.

“Listen closely to what I say, Mr. Worth. My associates and I have piggybacked a satellite hovering over the Earth. Yes, we know how. This means we can intercept your calls – you’ve experienced that one, Mr. Satellite Phone. We can also track you and your entire family with GPS , and also gain access to aerial photos to any place at any time. For instance, right now, your wife is out grilling in the backyard. Now just think, Mr. Worth: if a group of teenagers – children, to you – can hack a NASA -registered, three billion dollar machine from our own hideaway, what do you think we can do to you?”

Samuel Worth was left speechless. He suddenly reached for the glove compartment where he kept his gun, whatever he was going to do with it.

“I wouldn’t do that, Mr. Worth. Not when the person in the car behind you has a .45 caliber pistol aimed at your skull.”

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