A Strange Feeling

A woman complacently but sorrowfully handed over the wrapped bundle in her arms to the waiting officials. An obvious look of regret hung around her head like the cigarette smoke that whispered from one official’s mouth.

The two officials shook hands with the woman, and departed in a large, official-looking truck with the bundle. The engine roared, and it took off.

Inside the truck it was gray and cold. The vehicle jolted every time a tire struck one of the many potholes, and the doors at the back clanged together as if they were about to fly open at any time.

The bundle whimpered and struggled. The two officials paid no attention.


I opened my eyes. I had fallen asleep walking in the grassland; the stars and moon were showing up above. It was the first time I’d seen them – Rade had a smog that blanketed the city day and night.

This was also the first time I’d dreamed in – forever? I couldn’t remember a time when I slept with the strange feeling.

I shook my head and resumed walking.

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