Things Always Happen For A Reason, P.3

My lips were in a tight line, I yelled at myself inside my head. My thought changed to only pur, get him out.
“Stop worrying love, if you say we’ll make it out ok we will.” His velvet voice was soft and I could tell he was worried. My milk white eyes turned to glare at him, I pulled my lip stightly over my teeth in a snarl. He looked away knowing my mood and sat quietly.
Something hit the car from behind and sent us swirling in the wrong direction. My side was the one that hit the brick wall and began caving in first. “Get out!” I hissed as broken glass sliced my arm. I turned toward the wall as if to push it off of me and braced myself. Almost immeadiately we were pushed away from the wall the door frame was pulled back out by an invisible source.
“You did it!” He cooed his voice was happy but when I looked at his face this lips were in a tight line and his chest wasn’t moving. I realized then that I was bleeding.
“Sorry” I murmured, hitting the gas again. This time I watched out the back window.

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