CoFeEE GoOD!?!

Time slowed, and the sweat that was poring off me slowed to a trickle. The gunfire pounding my eardrums subsided to a dull thudthudthud. The bullets racing towards my body slowed and hung in the air like raindrops on a car windshield. I blinked and tried to raise my hands in front of my face in a futile gesture of defence, and to my surprise, they moved normally.I blinked again in surprise and stood up,watching the sweat that fell off me hang in the air. I smiled and looked around as everyone moved sluggishly, like we were in a big bowl of clear jello. I turned to walk away from my attackers and passed their useless bullets on the way out.
“Faster than a speeding bullet.” I chuckled to myself on my way out of the museum. I walked down the marble steps admiring all of the exquisete detail of a world slowed to a crawl. A nearby pigeon was suspended in mid-air as it tried to gain altitude.
Guess those 300 cups of coffee I bought with my tax return paid off in the end I think to myself with another chuckle.

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