Things Always Happen for a Reason, P.5

“You may not see it but I do, I see the sweet harmless man that’s deep inside. And that’s the man I fell in love with.” I went and sat on his lap snuggling close to his chest, even though he faught against me. I know your not a monster!”
“How do you know that?” He asked, I could hear the frustration in his words. I could imagine the way his teeth clenched together.
“Because you love me!” I said truthfully and forcefully.
“You’re easy to love.” He whispered softly, his teeth had unclenched and she felt his breath come easily.
I smiled to myself, no matter how many times he said he loved me, each time it made me feel great.
“So are you, and your the one who doesn’t know it.” I kissed his neck softly, he smiled.
“Well I’m glad you know!” He said kissing my hair.
At that exact moment my body went rigid and cold, my eyes turning the milk-white. He felt the stiffness and became rigigd himself.
“What is it?” His voice held true worry, he looked into her eyes but he knew she wasn’t focusing on him.

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