Jameson looked up and literally did a double-take. There was an absolute goddess walking his way. Her hair was moving as though there were a sudden breeze blowing through the Houdini Bar, blond tresses blown back as she glided towards him. Her blue eyes were incandescent, glowing as if lit with an inner fire. Their gaze didn’t blink, never wavered from Jameson’s face. He didn’t even see what she was wearing, he was so mesmerized with her beautiful face.

In all of his daydreams involving Becca (and there were many), he’d never imagined her looking this beautiful.

“You might want to remember to breathe,” Old Bess murmured sotto voce as she wiped down the bar.

And then suddenly Becca was at his side.

“Hi, sorry I’m late. Couldn’t find parking.” She slithered onto a barstool next to him, leaning towards him to peck his check with her warm lips. Jameson could smell her hair, the perfume she was wearing. It made his head swim.

“Hi,” he said back. That was all he could trust himself with at the moment.

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