Things Always Happen for a Reason, P.8

”Oh and I suppose it wasn’t your fault either, right?” I asked angirly.
“That’s not the point.” He said softly, turning so I couldn’t see his face.
“That is exactly the point!” I exploded, I was probably getting way out of hand but he wasn’t listening to me. He looked away out the kitchen window, a far off expression on his face. “You don’t get it, do you?â€? Now he looked up, confused. “Not everything is your fault!â€? The tears spilled over.
“Being a vampire, if I wasn’t, well you’d be much safer.â€? His voice was soft again.
“I can take care myself just fine thank you, I’ve been doing it for years!â€? My voice was filled the sadness of my past. “Please, stop blaming yourself. I don’t want to lose you Jason.â€? I was officially crying.
His arms tightened their hold around me, I could tell by the way his body was shaking that if he could cry, he would be crying now. “I promise, you’re not going to lose me, never.” His voice was sincere, but I asn’t totally convinced, yet.
“I love you!” I whispered.

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